Jan 2015
Tritech is pleased to announce that Sagicor General Insurance went Live with GIMS in five Caribbean Countries. Congratulations to the Sagicor Team.
June 2014
Tritech exhibits at IASA, presents new version of GIMS.
May 2014
Tritech enables geoanalytics and geocoding within GIMS for premium and loss analysis with graphical visualization in Google Maps. Tritech releases latest versions of Data Analytics using Excel 2013 with geomapping and Artificial Intelligence.
Mar 2014
Tritech and Drive Factor introduce new Usage Based Insurance solutions at Insurance Canada trade show.
June 2013
Tritech exhibits at IASA 2013 Annual Conference in Washington, DC, and invites guests to it's booth 883 & 983.
Mar 2013
Tritech showcases new .NET-based “SSC” System Support Center for creation and maintenance of products, rates, rules, workflow, permissions, etc by business analysts at ICTC conference in Toronto
Feb 2013
Tritech showcases new .NET-based “Point of Sale” portal, Tritech has versions for Canada, USA and now the Caribbean.
Jan 2013
Red River Mutual Insurance goes live with new version of GIMS.
Jun 2011
Cooperators General Insurance Barbados goes live with New Caribbean version of GIMS, supporting Auto, Home and Commercial lines.


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General Insurance Management System (GIMS)

GIMS is a modular client based system supporting all lines of business and designed to support multiple - companies, branches, States/Provinces, and languages. GIMS supports your choice of Unix, Linux or NT servers and provides easy access through leading relational databases. Screens can run in a Windows client or Terminal Server. GIMS modules include:

  • Policy Underwriting; on-line history,  rate, quote, bind and issue.
  • Billing methods; agency and direct (EFT, Credit Card, Lockbox).
  • Claims Management; reserves by insured loss or expense, salvage, subrogation, bulk and re-occurring payments.
  • Reinsurance tracking across all contract types: facultative, treaty, excess, catastrophe.
  • Management reporting by every product, process, transaction, department; and Data warehouse.
  • Workflow management tools to review work that requires authorization to process, and to see the pressure points on volume in those processes within the transaction pipe.  
  • Bureau filing (NAII, ISO, State/Province).
  • Financial reporting (GL & AP), ODBC and API interfaces available.
  • 3rd party interfaces with banks, MVR bureaus, claims history, credit reports, rating / rates advisory organizations.

Point of Sale System (POS)

POS is an agency automation solution that carriers can provide to their agents and brokers. POS enables single entry of data and supports all lines of business in every State/Province. POS supports stand-alone Windows and/or Internet Web Deployment. POS features include:

  • Client/Prospect contact management.
  • Integration to Windows tools (Word, etc.)
  • Quick Quote Wizard.
  • Application entry and verification using company's business rules.
  • Risk scoring, expert underwriting, ability to set binding limits & authority.
  • Print to any printer, with on-screen preview.
  • Export application data to XML and HTML formats.
  • Upload of accepted Applications to Head Office systems (FTP and XML).
  • Docking server to manage uploaded Apps and downloading of new rates, coverages, factors and forms.

Web Quote

Web Quote is a powerful prospecting and marketing tool, which extends your sales channel over the web to millions of potential customers, who would otherwise be unable to appreciate your offerings. Unlike many competitors, whose products are limited, our facility supports Auto and Home personal  lines allowing for the entry of an unlimited number of risk items, such as drivers and vehicles; but defined by your business rules. Web Quote features are similar to POS, except the user interface is HTML-based:
  • Quick Quote Wizard
  • Application entry and verification.
  • Print to any printer, with on-screen preview.
  • Risk scoring and basic underwriting.
  • Upload of accepted Applications to Head Office systems (FTP and XML).

Web Services

Web Services provide technology neutral, endpoint platform independence. They are essential in delivering the business agility and IT flexibility of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). GIMS Web Services use XML, SOAP and Microsoft .Net technology to enable online access and updates of client, policy and claims information.

  • Client, policy and claims inquiry and updates.
  • Agency interface support.
  • SOAP XML support.

Document Management System

Our solution provides a stand-alone or fully integrated laser document issuance facility to create and issue insurance forms. Forms development requires MS Word 2000 or later and/or Visio 2002 or later. Our design uses state of the art technology that enables you to keep and update all signatures, logos and substrates in a centralized location, instead of embedding them into every document. The document rendering engine provides high volume printing service, can print to any printer. Built-in direct support of HP PCL5 standard results in exceptional printing speeds on all high-end printers. 

  • Print declaration pages, Letters, Schedules, Checks, MICR and Bar codes.
  • Print to any printer, fax or e-mail as PDF.
  • Exceptionally high performance.
  • Efficient printing over the internet.
  • Reprint selection of jobs.
  • Sorting of print output by zip code, agent, etc.
  • Issued documents can be selected for automatic archiving and retrieval.


Tritech Financial Systems specializes in providing a flexible Service Bureau option for companies that require to outsource all of their data processing to a third party provider. Tritech has many years of expertise providing these services, and today companies in this arrangement are taking full advantage of the latest technology advancements that we are continuously bringing forward.

For more information, see Virtual P&C Insurance Solution