Jan 2015
Tritech is pleased to announce that Sagicor General Insurance went Live with GIMS in five Caribbean Countries. Congratulations to the Sagicor Team.
June 2014
Tritech exhibits at IASA, presents new version of GIMS.
May 2014
Tritech enables geoanalytics and geocoding within GIMS for premium and loss analysis with graphical visualization in Google Maps. Tritech releases latest versions of Data Analytics using Excel 2013 with geomapping and Artificial Intelligence.
Mar 2014
Tritech and Drive Factor introduce new Usage Based Insurance solutions at Insurance Canada trade show.
June 2013
Tritech exhibits at IASA 2013 Annual Conference in Washington, DC, and invites guests to it's booth 883 & 983.
Mar 2013
Tritech showcases new .NET-based “SSC” System Support Center for creation and maintenance of products, rates, rules, workflow, permissions, etc by business analysts at ICTC conference in Toronto
Feb 2013
Tritech showcases new .NET-based “Point of Sale” portal, Tritech has versions for Canada, USA and now the Caribbean.
Jan 2013
Red River Mutual Insurance goes live with new version of GIMS.
Jun 2011
Cooperators General Insurance Barbados goes live with New Caribbean version of GIMS, supporting Auto, Home and Commercial lines.

Point of Sale System (POS)

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Point of Sale

Tritech’s Point of Sale (POS) system provides single entry processing for any line of business in any state or province in North America. The solution provides remote agents or brokers who are providing sales or service, with access to expert underwriting, risk scoring and printing services.

Easy to use

Policy Details
Our friendly user interface reduces the learning curve on new tools. Intelligent screens  are provided to indicate all missing and incorrectly entered information in a non-disruptive, web-style way. The Quick Quote Wizard turns data entry into an easy and straightforward process, increasing a sales or service person's ability to provide timely and responsive client service. The Quick Quote Wizard and detailed screens represent different views on the same data, therefore all information entered in the quote, automatically becomes an application and vice versa - existing application can be modified using Quick Quote Wizard.


Multiple versions of the same application can be created with a touch of a button, with different deductibles, coverages, etc. When a prospect or client makes final decision, that single version is accepted and uploaded into the main system (GIMS) as XML. Any entered data fragment, like driver, vehicle, dwelling or even the whole application can be used as a template to minimize data entry, enabling agents to serve more clients in less time.

Global reach

Auto Application
Home Application
A Policy application can be sent to prospects or clients anywhere by email or fax. The Point of Sale tool generates an HTML file which can be opened in any browser. Users have the freedom of saving it as Word document.  The hard copy can be printed on any printer. Accepted policy applications are electronically submitted into the main system over the internet in XML format, and become available online within minutes. 

In addition, Tritech has developed a Web Quote solution, which enable your prospects and clients to print auto and home quotes online, using a browser and internet connection. See Web Quote Solution.


All submitted applications are reviewed by underwriters, who are automatically notified by the system when new applications arrive. A copy of a rejected application can be corrected and resubmitted.  Applications can be rejected automatically based on a given criteria. 


POS supports personal and commercial lines of business, with every specialty; Auto, Property, and Liability across every market segment: standard, non standard, high risk, and niche. It shares the rating module with the main system (GIMS). Unique docking mechanism keeps underwriting rules and rates in Point of Sale in sync with the central office system (GIMS). 


Based on Microsoft .Net and XML technologies, POS provides stand alone (including laptops) and Web Centric deployment. Supported platforms include Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP.