Jan 2015
Tritech is pleased to announce that Sagicor General Insurance went Live with GIMS in five Caribbean Countries. Congratulations to the Sagicor Team.
June 2014
Tritech exhibits at IASA, presents new version of GIMS.
May 2014
Tritech enables geoanalytics and geocoding within GIMS for premium and loss analysis with graphical visualization in Google Maps. Tritech releases latest versions of Data Analytics using Excel 2013 with geomapping and Artificial Intelligence.
Mar 2014
Tritech and Drive Factor introduce new Usage Based Insurance solutions at Insurance Canada trade show.
June 2013
Tritech exhibits at IASA 2013 Annual Conference in Washington, DC, and invites guests to it's booth 883 & 983.
Mar 2013
Tritech showcases new .NET-based “SSC” System Support Center for creation and maintenance of products, rates, rules, workflow, permissions, etc by business analysts at ICTC conference in Toronto
Feb 2013
Tritech showcases new .NET-based “Point of Sale” portal, Tritech has versions for Canada, USA and now the Caribbean.
Jan 2013
Red River Mutual Insurance goes live with new version of GIMS.
Jun 2011
Cooperators General Insurance Barbados goes live with New Caribbean version of GIMS, supporting Auto, Home and Commercial lines.

Document Issuance System

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Document Issuance

Over the years, Tritech has been challenged by our customers to create a document issuance and management solution that satisfies an ever-expanding list of requirements.

Tritech's Document Management System provides all the necessary components to become self sufficient in document issuance, and to accommodate future expansion and enhancement of your systems. It provides a fully integrated facility for creation and issuance of insurance or any other documents.

Primary functionality is provided by 100% .NET code, which runs as NT Service, and supports both 32 bit and native 64 bit mode, on a wide range of Windows Server platforms from 2000 to 2012.

Produce all document types:

  • Policies
  • Applications
  • Quotes
  • Declarations pages
  • Welcome kits
  • Bills
  • Notices
  • Endorsements
  • Renewals
  • Explanations of benefits
  • Agent reports
  • ID cards
  • Claim reports
  • Commission statements
  • Installment schedules
  • Cancellation notices
  • Letters
  • Checks

Simplicity and flexibility:

  • Forms design does not require programming skills and can be done in MS Word or Visio.
  • If your forms & policy wording provider, is producing your content in MS Word, our system allows you to customize in Word to produce the final product, saving time. 
  • Design changes can be applied immediately or scheduled to become effective at a later time.
  • Historical versioning and automatic retrieval of the correct version at print time.

High performance output:

  • Hundreds of pages per second.
  • Supports a distributed pool of high-speed printers.
  • Print on-demand and through batch queues.
  • Effective usage of Printer Control Language.

Produce documents on any media:

  • Large and small printers, laser & inkjet.
  • PDF, TIFF, WMF; 
  • Network Port, Shared Directory, ZIP file.
  • Email.
  • Shared cloud folder (e.g. Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive).
  • Custom output extensions.

Managing large print volumes:

  • Directing documents into individual print queues.
  • Collating output before printing.
  • Barcoding and support of automatic inserters.
  • Output routing to remote print centers over the Internet.
  • Outsourced print centers.
  • Stable operation in limited network bandwidth and high latency.
  • Extensive realtime print troubleshooting options available to operations.