Jan 2015
Tritech is pleased to announce that Sagicor General Insurance went Live with GIMS in five Caribbean Countries. Congratulations to the Sagicor Team.
June 2014
Tritech exhibits at IASA, presents new version of GIMS.
May 2014
Tritech enables geoanalytics and geocoding within GIMS for premium and loss analysis with graphical visualization in Google Maps. Tritech releases latest versions of Data Analytics using Excel 2013 with geomapping and Artificial Intelligence.
Mar 2014
Tritech and Drive Factor introduce new Usage Based Insurance solutions at Insurance Canada trade show.
June 2013
Tritech exhibits at IASA 2013 Annual Conference in Washington, DC, and invites guests to it's booth 883 & 983.
Mar 2013
Tritech showcases new .NET-based “SSC” System Support Center for creation and maintenance of products, rates, rules, workflow, permissions, etc by business analysts at ICTC conference in Toronto
Feb 2013
Tritech showcases new .NET-based “Point of Sale” portal, Tritech has versions for Canada, USA and now the Caribbean.
Jan 2013
Red River Mutual Insurance goes live with new version of GIMS.
Jun 2011
Cooperators General Insurance Barbados goes live with New Caribbean version of GIMS, supporting Auto, Home and Commercial lines.

General Insurance Management System (GIMS)

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OLAP Business Intelligence

GIMS provides business analysts and actuaries with powerful and easy to use ad hoc reporting tools, based on Tritech’s innovative Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) solution. Familiar drag & drop technique can be used to receive new experience of creating custom and complex reports in minutes, without stress and debugging.

Improved analysis

OLAP Analysis
Analysis is an iterative process of generating and testing ideas. The key to answering many questions lies in establishing correlation between components. Business analysts and actuaries can perform creative work by narrowing down number of factors for analysis. GIMS empowers business analysts to interactively probe correlation between remaining factors, and instantly receive responses in the Excel spreadsheet.  Once correlation has been established,  GIMS assists in drilling down futher, helping to explain phenomenon by  visually exploring data across adjacent dimensions.

Better decisions in less time

OLAP Charting
Speed can be critical when making a decision. Multiple pieces of data take time to emerge into a bigger picture, which is required to make a good decision. GIMS aids in linking elements together by providing powerful and intuitive OLAP charting through Microsoft Excel.  Charts visualize the data, improving perception, analysis and reducing decision-making time.

Factor analysis

GIMS enables visual analysis of multiple factors across multiple dimensions. Some of the basic factors include:

  • Earned & Unearned Premium
  • Client Retention
  • Written & Cancelled Premium / Commission
  • Active Policy Count
  • Net Annual Premium
  • Sum Insured
  • Paid Loss Amount
  • Paid Expense
  • Paid Salvage
  • Paid Salvage Expense
  • Outstanding Reserve

Some of the basic dimensions:

  • Accounting Year/Month
  • Agent
  • Policy Type
  • Company/Branch
  • Coverage Code
  • Assumed vs Direct premium
  • Policy Expiration Year/Month/Date
  • Rating Territory
  • Region
  • Reinsurance Company
  • Reinsurance Treaty Type
  • Statistical Line
  • Term Rate

Attracting the best quality business takes quality knowledge

Our Intelligence Tools allow your executives & decision makers to see who and what is contributing to your company's success, and what is happening in the opposite direction; but allowing for precision, based on the number of dimensions selected.

Who are the top performing agents / brokers / call center staff by looking at a "mix or blend" of volume, information completeness & accuracy, loss ratio where relevant, and expense; versus just looking at each by themselves?

Which jurisdictions are contributing and what are the rating elements & underwriting rules & demographic specifics & location specifics driving that profitability? Alternatively, what does that picture look like for non profitable business? 

What is your company's turnaround time on new business submissions, policy issuance, endorsements and renewals? Is it the same for your best & most profitable agents and brokers as it is for the least profitable?  

How long should  prospect xdates be kept on file in the database for direct writing firms? When do they "really" begin to lose their value as it relates to effort & diminishing returns?

Our Intelligence Tools come with our enterprise wide solution. Your existing Business Intelligence tool can be fed data from GIMS databases.  The choice is yours.  


Based on Microsoft Analysis Server, ad hoc reporting uses Data Transformation technology to populate multidimensional cube with aggregated values for each factor. Client software such as Microsoft Excel or Crystal Reports runs on user workstations and connects to server-side OLAP cube.