Jan 2015
Tritech is pleased to announce that Sagicor General went Live with GIMS on January 15 2015. Congratulations’ to the Sagicor Team for this momentous achievement.
2nd qtr 2013
Tritech will be exhibiting fully integrated Policy Admin system at IASA 2013 Annual Conference in Washington, DC, and invites guests to it's booth 883 & 983.
Mar 5th, 2013
Tritech showcases new .NET-based System Support Center for creation and maintenance of products, rates and rules by business analysts at ICTC conference in Toronto.
4th qtr 2012
Red River Mutual Insurance goes live with new version of GIMS.
2nd qtr 2012
Tritech Financial Systems welcomes visitors at it's booth IASA 2012 Annual Conference, June, in San Diego, CA.
Mar 5th, 2012
Tritech showcases new business intelligence capabilities of GIMS at ICTC conference in Toronto.
3rd qtr 2011
Sagicor General Insurance to implement GIMS with Auto, Home and Commercial lines across all writing territories.
3nd qtr 2011
Tritech enables geoanalytics and geocoding within GIMS for premium and loss analysis with graphical visualization in Google Maps.
2nd qtr 2011
Tritech Financial Systems exhibits new GIMS version at the IASA 2011 Annual Conference, June 5-8, in Nashville, TN.
2nd qtr 2011
Mitsui-Sumitomo Insurance writing personal and commercial risks in every province and territory of Canada goes live with the latest version of GIMS.
Feb 28th 2011
Tritech demonstrates new GIMS interface at ICTC conference in Toronto.
1st qtr 2011
Cooperators General Insurance Company has successfully gone live with GIMS writing Auto, Home and Commercial lines.
3rd qtr 2010
Red River Mutual Insurance company writing 60M GWP agreed to implement new version of GIMS covering Property, Farm and Commercial in Western Canada.
Sep 15, 2010
Tritech moves to new address in Brampton.
July 20, 2010
Tritech completes Ontario Auto Reform upgrades to its P&C Insurance Company system “GIMS”.
June 2010
Tritech is pleased to announce self-insured insurer writing all lines including Auto, Home and Commercial across Canada has gone live with GIMS.
Feb 22nd 2010
Tritech showscases Point of Sale portal at ICTC conference in Toronto.
1st qtr 2010
Cooperators General begins implementation of GIMS for all lines including Auto, Property and Commercial.
4th qtr 2009
Tritech signs an agreement to implement GIMS across Canada for a self-insured insurer.
2nd qtr 2009
Rural Mutual, a US top 50 performing P&C company, went live with Tritech's Point Of Sale web-based solution to enhance agent experience and productivity.

Corporate Overview

financial graphicTritech provides In-House and Data Center solutions for Property &  Casualty Insurance companies, their Agents and Brokers.

GIMS "General Insurance Management System" is an enterprise wide systems solution that automates all facets of p&c insurance operations.

GIMS has been implemented at mutual and stock companies of various sizes, from $5 million GWP to $25 billion. Some of the clients that we have served include: Travelers, Allianz, Nationwide, Allstate, Fireman's Fund, Sumitomo.

The lines of business supported include all specialties within personal and commercial lines (auto, property, liability, business interruption, crime, surety & fidelity, workers compensation), and all market segments (standard, non-standard, high risk, niche) .

GIMS provides modules for Policy Underwriting, Billing, Claims, Reinsurance, Statistical Filing, Management Reporting, Document Issuance, Financial Reporting, Third party interfaces, Web Services (Quotes, Inquiry of Policy, Billing & Claims).

GIMS provides for ease of integration of other office automation solutions, such as imaging, wireless, document issuance, OLAP ad hoc reporting, etc.

Tritech's solutions are built upon a relational database topology with user interfaces that include Windows GUI screens and Web Pages. A network centric implementation allows for a simple and fast installation and will accommodate quick changes to new and existing users. Individual computers do not require software to be installed and managed thereby eliminating costs and scarce technical resources. A standard Microsoft operating system is all that is required for local and remote users.

Tritech has provided P&C insurance technology solutions to Clients in the USA, Canada, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. Our experience providing data centre solutions spans 25 years. Tritech's solutions have been chosen by five of North America's 20 largest P&C companies.

Tritech fully engages itself in successfully implementing our solutions. We provide the appropriate resources for installation, implementation, customization, training, conversion and on-going maintenance and support. 

We invite you to stay and have a detailed look at all aspects of our product & service offering.  Our tools have made clients more cost efficient, freeing up resources for other aspects of their operations, whether it be sales, service, training, loss control or risk management services. It's that edge that allows a firm to grow in a mature industry.